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Preduzeće za trgovinu , proizvodnju , finansijsko ekonomski inženjering i zastupstvo D.O.O.
4-stroke gasoline engine 5,5 Kw. Diesel 6,5 Kw, 3.6000 rpm, air-cooled.
recoil starter.
Dry clutch with manual control.
8 speeds (3 forward speeds and 1 reverse, in both directions).
Drive axle:
single drive axle with unlocking possibility through lever. provided with differential and differential locking device possibility trough lever.
Power take off:
1 independent speed at 790 rpm, profile 20 x 17 DIN 5482.
adjustable in height, sideways and 180° reversible.
yres 5.00x10".
Safety device:
MOTORSTOP shuts down the engine immediately, thus preventing any possible accident, should the handlebars accidentally slip out of the operator's hands. A device prevents reverse gear from engaging when power-take off is actuaded.
Weight: 150 kg (machine without ballasts, with Diesel engine, fitted with rotary cultivator (70 cm and 5.00x10 tyres).
Main implements:
ploughs, ridgers, front cutting mower, rotary mower, rotary cultivators, trailers.
wheel ballasts.
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